Oracle VM Virtual Box


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Installation process :

  1. Download actual version of VM Box of from their home page
  2. Run the installation
  3. Custom setup , of from here you can choose futures you want to include or not , HDD location
  4. Next , and I am getting warning because of my internet connection
  5. Reboot , and proceed to configuration

oracle_installation_futures oracle_installation_warning oracle_installation

Configuration : 
  1. Update might be needed after first run
  2. File;Performance;General ; Default Machine Folder :” set here where to your virtual machines will be stored “
  3. File;Performance;Network; Host -only Networks ;Host -only Networks details ; untic Enable DHCP , as we will set PFsense

oracle_setup_network_dhcp oracle_setup_network oracle_setup


Building Virtual Test Lab


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I got enough of experience with Oracle’s VM virtual box . And hopefully i will be able to run all this virtual machines at same with no glitches .

My PC specs :